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Personal Training

Personal Balance offers personal fitness training based on specific fitness goals of each individual. Training programs are customized based on fitness goals, past exercise history, medical history and commitment. Training programs often include strength, cardiovascular, mobility and functional training.

Semi-private and group training are also available. Clients involved in semi-private and group training should have a similar level of fitness and similar fitness goals.

Nutrition plays a key role in determining the effectiveness of any fitness program. Personal Balance offers nutritional support for clients to assist them in obtaining a healthier lifestyle and greater level of fitness.


Post-rehab Exercise Programs

Post-rehab exercise follows the completion of prescribed physical therapy. The program is not intended to replace physical therapy. Exercise programming following physical therapy can often be a key component in ensuring a complete recovery.

Personal Balance offers strength and conditioning programs for qualified individuals preceding medical procedures as well. The goals are to develop optimal strength and range of motion in the affected and surrounding muscles and joints. Optimal conditioning may assist in the recovery process following a medical procedure.


Athletic Performance Training Programs

Strength and conditioning programs are offered for athletes at all levels. Balance, power, speed, agility, strength and Conditioning (game ready) are all considerations when designing an athlete’s training program. Personal Balance customizes each program based on the needs of the athlete. Nutritional education and support is also incorporated to optimize athletic performance.

*Semi private (two athletes) and group or team training (up to 8 athletes) are also available.


Body building

Personal Balance designs body building programs for competitive (contest preparation) and non-competitive body builders. Successful (drug free) body building programs are determined by prescribing appropriate exercise, recovery periods and proper nutritional support, based on genetic potential, training experience and dedication of the athlete.